We are buying cars in all areas of Indianapolis. Specifically we can help you in the metropolitan area.

If you need help selling your car we can help you. We have been buying cars for many years and this business name is named after my grandpa who taught me alot about cars.

Daddio always loved cars. We are passing this love for cars onto you. We will pay you top dollar for your car no matter what shape it is in.

We pay cash for cars in Metropolitan Indianapolis.

So when you are ready to sell just give us a ring. We can help you in many ways. Our junkyard has been buying for many years. We can come to you and buy pretty much any car.

A little fender bender? Get cash for your wrecked car!

Yes we buy all types of cars, not just wrecked. If it could be a trade in, call us first we will give you a quote.

Different steps in this process include the following:

1. Pick up that cell phone and give us a call.

2. We need to know the make and model so be specific and know what kind of junk car you have before calling.

3. Have your cat emptied out and plates removed, need help? That is n ok provlem, our tow truck driver coming from the junkyard can help you.

4. Be on time.

5. Know the location of your title. This is a must for us.

So it’s that simple! Nothing sophisticated about selling your junk car.

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