Areas we are buying in all areas of Indianapolis.

One specific thing we are doing is paying lots of $ for cars.

We operate in many ways and have a few different tow trucks. We have a tow truck that can buy large junk cars, and we have a tow truck that can buy those small cars. Rather its large or small we can come to you and tow that vehicle out of your driveway or yard.

When calling us be sure you have the title and keys in hand, this will make the process of car removal much easier. We try to make it easy for you. Check out some of the latest cars we have picked up.


As you can see, we get some good quality cars out of Brownsburg. You can call us anytime we are available to come to you and tow that vehicle out of your driveway 24 hours a day.

When we are junking a car we do many things. The first thing we do is remove the gas tank, and remove the fuel pump and set the fuel pump on the shelf for a possible sale later. We take the used gas, and place it in a big tank. After the gas tank is removed, we remove the catalytic converters and battery. Then we remove the engine and transmission, this is way easier than it sounds. We can normally have the engine and transmission laying on the ground separate from the car in about 20 minutes or less. After that we crush the car.

We are dedicated to picking up cars in Brownsburg, Indiana. Please call us first if you are in this area as we will pay the most.

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