Metal could be higher and it may go higher. if we reach a trade agreement with china soon metal will go up.

we are still paying $150 to $800 for junk cars in Indianaolis.

if you have a junk car that you would love to sell give us a call. we buy them in any condition..
Don’t forget that if you live in Briarwood Indiana to drop by our office sometime for a quick chat or give us a call at 317-218-4765. We have cash for cars all over Indiana so don’t be afraid to stop in.

Junk cars in Southport, Plainfield, and Briarwood where you rocked Krissy!

Give us a call and we will send out a driver. Cash for cars all over Briarwood Indiana.
Nothing else to talk about other than bring Daddio that pristine car that only you know what you did in.

Neighborhood junkyard dog
Neighborhood junkyard dog
Jeep stripped clean
Jeep stripped clean

Metal is at $120/TON this is high, but we still will pay you more if you get here before Christmas.

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